The transit Mars could represent the Cabinet decision triggered the discord of the two governments?


In this article, I am going to talk about the influence of transit Mars on the Ingress chart of the summer solstice 2019. It is the first time to consider a transiting planet to the Ingress chart for me. So, it is an experimental article because I have never read similar descriptions in past classic texts.

The ingress chart has been used to fortune the year of the nation since many centuries ago. “Bonatti On Mundane Astrology” translated by Benjamin N.Dykes Ph.D., initially written by Guido Bonatti (1210-1296) is a famous text. The Ingress charts are cast at the moment when the Sun enters 0 degrees of Aries (at the vernal equinox) in the capital of the country. The ascendant ruler is often used for the lord of the year. The ruler of the tenth house is used to determine the fate of the government ( King, in the old time.) Bonatti explains the importance of the lord of the year. Also, he explains in detail how to select other planets, if the ascendant ruler is impeded by retrograde, combusted, or afflicted by the Infortunes like Saturn and Mars.


Ingress chart validity period and annual divisions: the vernal equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox, and the winter solstice

If the ascendant of the ingress chart of the equinox is fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), the chart is valid for one year, until the day before the equinox of the following year. Half a year for common signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), and three months for movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Therefore, if the ascendant was Aries at the vernal equinox, the ingress chart at the Summer Solstice must be cast. I’m writing this article about Japan for the year 2019. So, the ingress chart for the vernal equinox is Aries, movable sign valid for three months. The summer solstice is Aries, again a movable sign and valid for three months. And a common sign for the autumn equinox which is Pisces and valid for half a year.

A tweet by a friend

On July 29, there was a tweet by Kazu-san whom I met in an intensive course by Dr. Benjamin Dykes last June.

“A simple question,
The transit Saturn applies conjunction with the M.C., and the transit Mars comes into the opposition to the Moon of the summer solstice chart. Does it mean that a strange incident could occur on August 1st or 2nd?”

The Cabinet decision

August 2 was the day when the current administration made a peculiar decision in the recent diplomatic history of Japan. It was a Cabinet decision to exclude South Korea from “Group A (White Country )” on August 28. The background of this problem occurred from a specific period. There has been a large order from South Korea for fluorine-related goods that can be diverted to the production of poisonous gas and chemical weapons. However, the Korean company has lost its whereabouts. Nonetheless, due to the discord between the two governments over the past year, the decision of the Japanese Cabinet has included retaliatory implications. On this day, the relationship with South Korea, a friendly nation, has changed. I assume that there are not many people who have objections about this aspect. Although I do not know about the transit Saturn, there is no objection to the transit Mars representing the timing of rolling things, so I agree with Kazu-san.

So I checked the ingress chart on the summer solstice again. On the Whole House Sign system, Mars rules the first and the eighth house. On the other hand, on Quadrant house systems ( Regiomontanus / Placidus ), Scorpio intercepts the seventh house. So, Mars is also the significator for the partner country, the seventh house. Of course, Mars in the ingress chart for the summer solstice, is also the ascendant ruler and plays an important role.

Now, the Moon is in the eleventh house representing a friendly nation. (Here is a funny coincident that Moon is a surname of the president of South Korea) An opposition between the Moon and transit Mars are destructive because they have no reception. Since the Moon is in Aquarius, it is under the influence of the ruler of the tenth house (Japanese administration), Saturn because Saturn rules Aquarius.

The time of the meeting

To find out more about the transit Mars, I looked at the time when the Cabinet meeting was held. If Mars is involved here, I thought it would be more relevant. The time was 10:03-10:12 on August 2. Mars is the ruler of the seventh house and he is in the eleventh house. (See Figure 2) The importance of Mars emerges again because it is a Cabinet decision concerning the partner and enemy country (the seventh house) and the friendly country (the eleventh house).
Finally, I checked the fixed stars at the time of the meeting. (There are 73 stars to use, and the effects vary. Some of them are not effective.) The transit Mars is at Leo 19°43,’ and with a minute there is Merak at Leo 19°42′. Ptolemy’s interpretation of Merak (Ursa Major) is as follows. “Ursa Major, is like Mars. It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused.”

the time of the Cabinet meeting

From these observations, I can conclude that the transit Mars to the Moon of the ingress chart of the summer solstice could represent the Cabinet decision as to the trigger that changed the relationship between the two governments.

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– Dykes, Benjamin N PhD, tranlator. Bonatti On Mundane Astrology Treatises4, 8.1,&10. By Guido Bonatti, The Cazimi Press, 2010.





イングレスチャートは国家の1年を占う際に使います。古典テキストではベンジャミン・ダイクス博士が編纂・翻訳したボナッティ(Guido Bonatti 1210-1296)の「マンデーン占星術」が有名です。イングレスチャートは、その国の首都において、太陽がおひつじ座の0度(春分点)に入った瞬間のチャートを用います。アセンダント・ルーラーを年支配星として用い、10室の支配星で国家運営者(政府)の命運を判じます。ボナッティは年支配星の重要性を説いており、アセンダント・ルーラーが逆行、コンバスト、凶星から障害を受けている場合は他の惑星を用いることや、その選択方法について細かに説明しています。








そこで、改めて夏至図を確認しました。Whole House Signシステムで火星が担うのは1室と8室です。



トランジットの火星についてさらに知る為、閣議の時間を調べました。もしここで火星が関与しているのなら、関連性が上がると考えたためです。閣議時間は8月2日 10:03-10:12。 火星は7室の支配星で、11室にあります。(図2参照)相手国(7室)と友好国(11室)に関わる閣議決定ですから、火星の重要性は改めて浮上します。
最後に閣議時間の恒星との1度内の合を調べました。用いる恒星は73個あり影響は様々で、あまり効力を持たないものもあると言われています。火星は獅子宮19°43’にありMerak 19°42’と1分違いの合。プトレマイオスによるMerak(おおぐま座β星)の解釈は次の通りです。「Merakは火星の性質を帯びている。与える性質は静か、慎重、疑い深く、不信、自己管理、忍耐強さ。しかし、激昂すれば不安定な精神と怒り、そして復讐心を与えるだろう」火星と同質のMerakが及ぼす作用が慎重さであるのなら、トランジット火星が表す「変化」も同様であると考えられます。

the time of the Cabinet meeting



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