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The following is the calendar data that you can import into your Google Calendar. For the Calendar app on Mac, just paste the URL into “New Calendar Subscription” from the “File” menu.

Void Of Course Moon

[more about void of course moon]
September 2018 – December 2023
[copy this↓] paste it > Google Calendar > Other calendars > From URL

This is where you paste it on Google Calendar.


How to Import to iCal
Launch iCal, then click the “File” menu and choose “New Calendar Subscription” to open the Import dialog box. Copy the URL after [for iCal] on this page, then paste it on iCal dialog box.

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These calendar data may be revised in the future. Please subscribe your mail or follow the Official Facebook page to be notified for updates for your regular use.

Google Calendarで使用できます。
ムーンボイド (2018/9 – 2021/12)
Via Combusta ヴァイア・コンバスタ (2018/9 – 2021/12)

順行・逆行日時 水星、金星、火星、木星、土星 (2018/9 – 2019/12)
月のカジミ (2018/9 – 2019/12)
月星座 (2018/10 – 2019/12)