“Mars and Milkyway” ISO3200 10.5mm f2.8 15sec,2018

I am a pupil of Art and Astrology. Since I saw stars and I was fascinated by their beauty and vastness when I was little, the stars became the most precious resource in my life; after years passed, this thought and desire are like falling in love with someone, keep stronger. So I often go out to the mountains and the coasts to watch the stars. Occasionally, I take photographs of stars, but the moment I prefer is just lying down on the ground and gazing starry sky without doing anything. What amazes me every time under the dark sky is an endless attraction that makes me feel like I live on the corner of heaven.

Also, I am a student of English and Japanese. Writing is a center of study, which requires me a lot of effort and self-encouragement to continue since I’ve never been a good writer. You may find an awkward sentence and an odd expression, but please be patient. What I write is all about the arts and the stars, which I’ve been learning from masters, tutors, and books for years.

I wish this site could be a good inspiration for someone who loves the stars the most.

astrogrammar, Takeshi Minakawa, QHP