Void of Course Moon

pulling down the Moon

“Let’s pull down the Moon.” Sketches Pro on iPad, 2018

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Void Of Course Moon, Term:September 2018 – December 2021
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I made this calendar for my study to notice myself the period of a void moon.

Void of Course Moon (VOC): The Moon has separated from an aspect and makes no further major-aspect in the sign where the Moon is placed, before departing into the next sign. It habitually occurs once in two days. The period of VOC is between 1 minute and more than 24 hours.


The references below show some of the terms, definitions, and usages.


Al Biruni (11th cent.)

VOID OF COURSE. If while within a sign a planet does not enter into conjunction with another, although in aspect to other planets, it is said to be void of course, and is regarded as having separated from conjunction whether in that sign or not. (This name is given to it because the field is empty and it moves without any companion.)

– The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology v.504


– アル・ビルーニ The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology v.504

Guido Bonatti (13th cent.)

The 62nd CONSIDERATION is that you look to see whether the Moon is void in course: for the voiding of a course signifies that the matter about which it is asked, could hardly or never be perfected or arrive to a good end. And if it were perfected, it will be perfected with labor, and likewise with distress, and sorrow, unless the Lord of the Ascendant or the significator of the matter were of very good condition; because if it were so, even though impeded, it does not destroy the matter entirely. Yet it is a good time then for drinking, bathing, feasting etc., and to use ointments to take away hair, especially if Moon is in Scorpio.

– 146 Considerations of Guido Bonatti


– グイド・ボナッティ 146の考察

William Lilly (17th cent.)

A planet is Void of Course, when he is separated from a planet, nor doth forthwith, during his being in that sign, apply to any other: This is most usually in the Moon; In judgments do you carefully observe whether she be Void of Course yea or no; you shall seldom see a business go handsomely forward when she is so (p.112).

– Christian Astrology Book 1


– ウィリアム・リリー Christian Astrology Book1 (p.112)

Generally consider the state of the Moon, for if she be Void of Course there are no great hopes of the question propounded, that it shall be effected, yet if she be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, your fear may be the less, for then she is not so much impeded by being Void of Course (p.299).

– Christian Astrology Book 1


– 同書 (p.299)

Petros Eleftheriadis (Present)

I do not usually judge charts that have a void in course Moon, even if it is found in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces. However, not all void in course Moons are the same. If the Moon is at 28 degrees of a sign, separating from a planet at 27 degrees and applying to a planet at 0 degrees, it is doubtful whether you can actually call this Moon void. In addition, a Moon at 29 degrees is at the end of its void course and if her next aspect is within the moiety of the two planets’ orbs, I would judge the chart (p.9)

– Horary Astrology – The practical way to learn your fate


– ペトロス・エレフテリアディス Horary Astrology – The practical way to learn your fate (p.9)

John Frawley (Present)

In common astrological parlance,‘the Moon’s void of course’ seems to be regarded as full explanation of why just about anything didn’t work out as hoped. It is not! What is above is more reserved than most writing on the subject, but that too overstates the importance of the term (p.77).

– The Horary Text Book Revised Edition


– ジョン・フローリー The Horary Text Book Revised Edition (p.77)

If the moon in the horary chart is void, this is a general indication that not much is going to happen. For instance, if the question is “Should I emigrate?” A void Moon suggests that the querent is unlikely to do so, whether it is good idea or not. A void Moon can provide the full answer to a question, either favorably or unfavorably. “Will I lose my job?”,”Will I win the lottery?” In both cases a void Moon would give the answer “No: nothing will happen”. A void Moon is not always the final answer, however. Like any other individual testimony, it can be overruled. If the main significators are strong and applying to aspect. the event can still happen(p.76-77).

– The Horary Text Book Revised Edition


– 同書 (p.77)

Kuni Kawachi (Present)

The Moon conveys the message from other celestial bodies. When the Moon is not in a good state, sometimes the result which comes out from a firmament may not reach the realm under the Moon (the world we live in), or it may reach falsely, although it seems to be good with other planets above the Moon. That is during the void-of-course time period, the result from the firmament does not arrive accurately. It does not mean nothing happens.
For instance, at the boxing title match, even if the chart indicates the victory of a challenger, the result does not reach the ground when the Moon is void of course. In other words, the champion wins because a void Moon signifies no change in the situation (p.118).

– Stairs to The Stars I – Mystery of the firmament


– 河内邦利 星の階梯 I – 天空の神秘 -(p.118)


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  1. Thank you for the Moon Void of Course Google calendar! I live in Japan — which time zone is your calendar set? How helpful of you. Thanks!

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  4. Fascinating. Thanks for adding the quotes from masters on VOC moon. The 0-29deg variable is need to me and makes sense

  5. Hi Astrogrammar!

    Happy New Year! I hope that you are happy, healthy and safe!

    Will you be uploading a 2022 version with the V/OC Moons?

    This calendar has been SO very helpful to see the void of course moons visually in my digital calendars. Having this on my Google Cal and iCal is very helpful when booking appointments “on the go”, when I don’t have my full Astro Calendars or Ephemeris with me! For example, if my hairstylist tries to book our next appointment, I know immediately when NOT to schedule an appointment -with the help of YOUR calendar subscription.

    Thank You for all that you do! Wishing you a wonderful start to 2022!

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