Quote from the preface of “Fine Astrology” Dr.Hideo Itokawa, 1979


Dr.Hideo Itokawa (1912-1999) is a well known Japanese aeronautics scientist who led the Japanese space development industry and is known as a father of rocket science in Japan. He was also an author of the book “Fine Astrology” (1979), and “Prediction Astrology” (1980). This quote is from a preface to his first book. A short briefing about his relationship with Astrology is here.

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Dr.Hideo Itokawa (July 20, 1912 – Feb 21, 1999), a prominent Japanese doctor in rocket engineering known as a father of rocket in Japan, was also a practitioner of Western astrology. Before the world, in 1977, Dr.Itokawa and his team released a diagnostic program for Western astrology. The development period was nearly ten years. Also, he established Astro Craft Co., Ltd., started selling astrology diagnostic program. On May 1979, he published his first book “Fine Astrology” which became a best seller in Japan. On December 1979, his second book “Prediction Astrology” was released from SONY books Co., Ltd. Dr.Itokawa introduced astrology to make a future prediction.
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Equinoctial Week “Ohigan”

“Summar Shore”, 2018


When comparing to the western myth and culture, there are a few stories, poetry, and gods relating to the stars in Japan. However, there are many of them associated with the Moon and the Sun. The reason most likely can refer to the farming culture in which Japanese history built. In ancient Japanese myth, the Goddess of the Sun bestowed an ear of rice to people. In the old-time, knowledge of configuring the particular date by the Moon and the Sun for farming was necessary, such as vernal equinox for seeding and the autumn equinox for harvesting.
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