Quote from the preface of “Fine Astrology” Dr.Hideo Itokawa, 1979


Dr.Hideo Itokawa (1912-1999) is a well known Japanese aeronautics scientist who led the Japanese space development industry and is known as a father of rocket science in Japan. He was also an author of the book “Fine Astrology” (1979), and “Prediction Astrology” (1980). This quote is from a preface to his first book. A short briefing about his relationship with Astrology is here.

When I say that I study astrology, most people will be surprised or a bit suspicious. However, for me, it is nothing special. There is no ambition that I would like to touch journalism in an outrageous study.
As a human being, I have a common interest in fate. I may even think about the future of friends, acquaintances, and all of Japanese, as well as myself. Sometimes I am seriously bothered, and sometimes I’m just curious about what the future will be like. Many readers would say, “I do think something of that level.” Indeed, I do not think there is a difference between readers and me in this idea. Also, I do not believe that this thought is scientific.

One way to know your destiny is fortunetelling. People who are uninterested in divination must be people who are very happy or confident. Even in Japan since ancient times, there have been divination techniques such as EKI, HAKKE, and other things, and in recent years, cards and dice have diversified.

Astrology was of particular interest to me. I wanted to know why it is so popular abroad. There are two main reasons. One is that it has strong popularity and trust all over the world. The other is that there is scientific backing that is different from other divinations.
No, I should say astrology itself is already part of science.

Needless to say, that the environment influences the fate of people, our economy, the recession, and the weather. The universe is a fundamental foundation in the environment surrounding human beings. If you think about the environment, you must take the first step from space. In other words, what state is the universe in? The most familiar objects to us are, of course, the sun, the earth, and the moon. (It is well known that the ice age of the earth is related to sunspots.) However, considering that the fate of the sun is one of the fortunes of the whole universe, it may be assumed that there is a mutual relationship between the entire world and our destiny.

The idea of ​​linking the array of celestial bodies and human destiny is thus born. The current science has not advanced enough to unravel all the causal relationships that may exist among the entire phenomenon. Science is always young and unfinished. So scientists are continually repeating hypotheses, fantasies, and demonstrations. If you think that tying science to fortunetelling is blasphemy, you would be a person who does not know the reality of science. Also, If you think that scientific consideration of fortunetelling violates divination and the mystical sacred area of man, I would recommend reading B.F. Skinner’s “Beyond Freedom and Dignity.”

The history, method, and reality of astrology are the contents of this book. When I study astrology, I approach both scientific backing and historical samples. While I studied domestic books, and foreign books and learned from astrology pioneers, I had great doubts about the 12 signs horoscope spreading in Japan. So, for me, it became a motivation to write this book.


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Itokawa, Hideo. Fine Astrology. Preface, Shufu-to-seikatsu-sha Co., Ltd, 1979, pp. 3-5.





「そんな程度なら私だって」という読者も多いだろう。 たしかに、発想は、私も読者もそう違いがあるとは思えない。そして、科学的であるとも信じがたい。



糸川英夫. 細密占星術. 序文, 主婦と生活社 1979, pp. 3-5.

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