Dr.Hideo Itokawa (July 20, 1912 – Feb 21, 1999), a prominent Japanese doctor in rocket engineering known as a father of rocket in Japan, was also a practitioner of Western astrology. Before the world, in 1977, Dr.Itokawa and his team released a diagnostic program for Western astrology. The development period was nearly ten years. Also, he established Astro Craft Co., Ltd., started selling astrology diagnostic program. On May 1979, he published his first book “Fine Astrology” which became a best seller in Japan. On December 1979, his second book “Prediction Astrology” was released from SONY books Co., Ltd. Dr.Itokawa introduced astrology to make a future prediction.

There were pros and cons for prominent scientists to publish astrology books. Many people accepted his study favorably, but some laughed off as if it’s his strange hobby, or called it an “eccentricities of genius.” Although he was one of the most important rocket engineerings scientists who was also known “a father of space development in Japan”, a person who has a conservative opinion and a narrow mind could hardly understand what he really wanted to tell us through his study of Astrology.

Dr.Itokawa said, “Quite often, people are surprised when I say that I am studying astrology. However, the destiny of people depends on the environment. Also, the fundamentals of the environment are the universe. If we consider the environment, we should start with the universe at first hand. What is the state of the universe? From this question, the idea that forms a relationship between heavenly bodies and the destiny of human beings is thus born.”

By his books, many readers have become able to draw a horoscope by themselves. It is not too much to say that Dr.Itokawa is not only the father of Japanese rocket engineering but also is one of the men who built the foundation of Western astrology in Japan.

Here, you can get to know him more (https://spectra.mhi.com/meet-dr-rocket)

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Quote from the preface of “Fine Astrology” Dr.Hideo Itokawa





糸川博士曰く「私が占星術を勉強しているというと、大抵の人々は驚く。しかし、我々人類の運命は環境のうえに成り立っている。環境の根源は宇宙である。もし環境を考えるのならば、我々はまず最初に宇宙から始めねばならない。宇宙がいかなる状態にあるのか? この問により、天の星々の配列と我々の運命の関係性が生まれるのである」




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