How the divine mind is projecting your life through the chart


It was the first day of a three-day intensive course of prediction, in Tokyo, by Dr. Benjamin Dykes. My birth chart was added to the agenda as one of the case studies. The explanation by Dr.Dykes came to the Profections. So my personal events that repeat every 12 years were revealed. The Profection drew my past almost entirely, and I admired this simple technique. However, I could not sleep for two nights since this day because I was annoyed by the feeling of depression, contrary to the joy of knowing the art.
In the period which was picked up as a case study, I experienced the deaths and separations of precious people, as well as encounters. When the events on the same subject repeatedly occur in one’s life, one has been asked the same theme. When I thought about the events that happen every 12 years, I wondered whether I thought of the subject enough. Moreover, I realized that I was being trapped in the wheel of destiny as if running in the hamster wheel.

On June 9th, 2019, the last day of the course, I told Dr. Dykes about this feeling regarding the Profections.

“This is a spiritual question of how do we face evil and sorrow,” said Dr. Dykes.

“Some older authors criticized astrology because they say it made people unhappy because if you know something is coming, you will think that you will be unhappy from now until it happens. One response is that you know Winter is coming every year and the farmers prepare for it; it is not evil to know Winter comes. It also deals with how we value things in the material world.

There is a statement in Bonatti, and it also comes from a store’s philosopher Seneca. It is that idea that the hope and the fear go together because when you have a hope or a fear, your mind is always in the future, and you should focus on what’s happening now.

In Astrology, the house of hope is in the succedent house, which means what’s coming next, and the 8th, which is the house of fear also in the succedent house. The angular houses always show what’s happening now, what is present.

Our challenge as human beings is how we can live in the present, and prepare for the future without mentally living in the future. So, releasing ourselves from hope and fear, Seneca says that with people are made unhappy by hope and fear, and when they have a hope and a fear, they become unhappy now.

The fact that profections can do this, that we live in this life of cycles it forces us to change our attitude about life. Also, to ask spiritual questions about how much, how attached we are to the things of this world, how much we should have hope and fear.

One thing to remember about the time lords is that the time lords change.
I remember when I was the 8th house profection, the things were terrible. Everything of my life was falling apart. I was in a very dark place. I just started to learn Profection; when I was walking down on the street, in a terrible state, I suddenly realized that my time lord would change in a few months. I was in this cycle, but I have been projecting my problems all into the future as though current my profection would always be true. However, the idea of the time lord shows us that the time lords is managing your life now, and then it will hand it over to another planet, that is in Greek what they say, each planet hands over to the next one.

My teacher, Robert Zoller, said that you don’t have to be a religious or a spiritual to do the traditional astrology. However, when seeing things like Profections, it forces you to ask religious questions about how the divine mind is projecting your life through the chart. I don’t know as astrologers we can answer the question, we have to become philosophers on things like that. When I see the difficult a profection happening, I start thinking about what things on a need to change before it begins so that I can prepare like a farmer for Winter. I guess if we were all really wise philosophers, we also would prepare for good things but instead, we worry and fear bad things, and then we don’t appreciate good things when they happen.”

What Dr.Dykes remarked makes clear how we think the future and how we face the material world no matter whether one does Astrology or not. Also, when we face astrology, I believe that many would possibly have similar kind of questions. So I decided to post this article.

I thank the organizers Natural Spirit.Inc, for permitting me to this article.
I also thank Mr.Yoichiro Tanaka, who prepared this course, and I thank Ms.Emi Ikeda, for interpreting my confusing question.

I sincerely thank Dr.Dykes for giving us a lecture that includes many techniques and philosophical insights.

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ボナッティ [※2]とストア派の哲学者セネカ [※3]はこう伝えています。
ー 希望・期待と恐怖は同居している、なぜなら人が期待や恐怖を抱えるとき、その人の心は未来にしかない。だが本当は今なにが起きているかということだけが重要なのだ ー

占星術において「希望・期待」を示す第11ハウスはサクシダントです。つまり何が次に来るのかを示している。第8ハウスは恐怖を示し、これもまたサクシダントハウスですね。一方、アンギュラーハウス [※4]は常に現状、そして現在何が起きているのかを示しています。



タイムロード [※5]について覚えておかねばならないことは、タイムロードは代わるということです。






※1. プロフェクション:出生チャートのハウスを年齢毎に診断する方法。第一ハウスを0歳、第二ハウスを1歳、第三ハウスを2歳、第四ハウスを3歳…という様に、12ハウスと年齢を照合し、ハウスと星座、支配星を各年齢域を診断する方法。
※2. Guido Bonatti グイド・ボナッティ(? – 1300年頃) イタリアの占星術師。ボローニャ大学占星術学部の教授。
※3. ルキウス・アンナエウス・セネカ (紀元前1年頃 – 65年4月)ローマ帝国のストア派の哲学者、政治家、詩人。
※4. ホロスコープ上の第一、四、七、十ハウス。12あるハウスのなかで特に重要なハウスとして扱われる

※5. タイムロード(時期支配星):プロフェクションから導かれる時期の支配星。各年において活性化し重要な役割を果たす。


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