Horary Astrology Step by Step

The third book I translated, “Horary Astrology Step by Step,” by Petros Eleftheriadis, my horary mentor, is published in April 2024. This is the afterword I wrote for the Japanese version.

“Takeshi, I hope the question is important to you.”

As usual, when I contacted Petros sensei about the subject matter of the final exam, he replied immediately.
To complete the Traditional Horary course (QHP), I had to complete a final assignment, predicting the future using a Horary chart. I chose one of the FIFA World Cup qualifying matches as my last assignment. Looking back, I did not understand as much the importance of that reply as I do now.
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Decoding in progress by Japanese researcher, The Astronomical Diaries of 600 Years from Babylonia


Decoding of “The Astronomical Diaries from Babylonia (ADB)” is in progress by Dr.Yasuyuki Mitsuma, assistant professor, the researcher of Ancient Western Asian History at the University of Tsukuba. ADB was excavated in the ruins of Babylon in the ancient Mesopotamia (present Iraq) mainly in the late 19th century says by Dr.Mitsuma. He describes that the ADB is an excellent source of information of natural phenomena, including astronomical ones, in the pre-Christ era because it contains the record of highly continuous and systematic observations, spanning from BCE 652 to BCE 61. He stayed in London for about two years from 2011 and took approximately 80,000 photographs of undecoded tablets at the British Museum.

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