Let us be Skywatchers


Significance of what real stars show us in terms of astrology and Rumen Kolev’s research

“Astrology without watching real stars means nothing since we are dealing with stars,” said Mr.Kolev. The lightning hit me. It was the most straightforward statement that I’ve waited for years other astrologers would tell me because I used to feel the same as a space lover. We see the differences between modern astrology and traditional astrology. But it is the only matter of their grammars and pronunciation. What the most critical fundamental subject is the phenomena in the sky, the planets and the stars, the creation of the creator. It is the subject we are standing in.
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Decoding in progress by Japanese researcher, The Astronomical Diaries of 600 Years from Babylonia


Decoding of “The Astronomical Diaries from Babylonia (ADB)” is in progress by Dr.Yasuyuki Mitsuma, assistant professor, the researcher of Ancient Western Asian History at the University of Tsukuba. ADB was excavated in the ruins of Babylon in the ancient Mesopotamia (present Iraq) mainly in the late 19th century says by Dr.Mitsuma. He describes that the ADB is an excellent source of information of natural phenomena, including astronomical ones, in the pre-Christ era because it contains the record of highly continuous and systematic observations, spanning from BCE 652 to BCE 61. He stayed in London for about two years from 2011 and took approximately 80,000 photographs of undecoded tablets at the British Museum.

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