Is “Horoskopos the Observer of Hour” watching the sky?


This short article describes whole sign house system from the skywatcher’s view.

“Horoscope” came from the Greek word “ωροσκόπος, Horoskopos,” which means “observer of the hour,” denoting the ascendant and the 1st house as we know today. This word is originated in ancient Egypt. At that time, the priests observed the eastern and western sky with measuring hour and observing stars. They used to be called “imy-wnw.t”, hour-watcher, astronomer, or one who is in the hour.[1]

"imy-wnw.t" hour-watcher, astronomer, or one who is in the hour."
“imy-wnw.t” hour-watcher, astronomer, or one who is in the hour.”

Ever since I’ve encountered astrology when I was 24 years old, I used to be wondering why the 1st house falls below the ascendant, and the 12th house above the horizon while it denotes an ominous. I was an amateur astronomer since six years old. I watched a beautiful sunrise and star rising out from the eastern horizon so many times. The eastern horizon is always the place where the Sun and stars ascend. And it was difficult to accept the quadrant house system, although it has been widely used for more than 1,000 years, because the 12th house places right above the horizon. I agree with the idea that the 6th house is a problematic place because it is the place where all celestial bodies descend and disappear from our sight. But what about the 12th house with the quadrant house system? The 12th house is the area that becomes visible to the observer when he sees the sunlight at sunrise. How could it be “Hidden Enemy” or “Evil Spirit”? This question repeated every time since I cast the chart for the first time until I got to know whole sign house system. Honestly, it was not easy to adapt to it for a while because I felt the new system could collapse everything I’ve learned. But, knowing more about and the history and its origin, this house system became the best solution for me, especially in terms of the skywatcher point of view.

Whole sign house system takes the sign where the ascendant falls as the first house. The observer’s perspective is within that range. The first house is the house where the skywatcher beholds, and he sees the lights of the rising Sun and beautiful stars appear from the ascendant. From the skywatcher’s view, and concerning the sunrise, this house system represents the sky’s state and the observer’s point of view more reasonably than the quadrant house division system.


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