Astrology In Statistics, Part Two: Earthquakes and Planetary Locations – Chapter One

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This article is a survey report on 11,270 earthquakes and planetary positions. The purpose of the survey is to find the relationship between earthquakes, over M6 Richter scale, and the celestial bodies location in the past 117 years. I will not discuss the predictions. Because it is not feasible to measure the activity of the earth in 100 years out of 4.6 billion years as the life of forty-six years cannot be evaluated by the events that occurred in two minutes.

The distribution chart of the earthquakes worldwide for 1900 – 2017 provided by USGS

I am a student of traditional astrology; however, the celestial bodies used in the survey are ten heavenly bodies and six asteroids used in modern astrology. The study focused on the relationship between celestial bodies and zodiacal signs. Furthermore, I am not a statistics and earthquake expert.

The ten celestial bodies:
The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
The six asteroids:
Chiron, Pholus, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta

Why Earthquake: Two reasons

The objective events

In the traditional astrology, there is a premise that the divine mind will be projected onto the chart. It is an assumption that heavenly intentions manifest as celestial configurations. Astrologers attempt to understand the words of heaven by interpreting the compositions and the patterns of celestial bodies on the charts for answering individual questions.
My question was whether a particular pattern appears as a trace of the divine mind on a large number of charts on the specific theme.

Measuring astrology on aggregate data is the method learned from Michel Gauquelin 1. If nothing appears there, astrology should be identical as divination based upon subjective inspiration, at the same time, a significance of using celestial movement and composition for interpretation must be re-examined. Personally, there is no doubt about the accuracy of the horary astrology and what the birth chart indicates us. It is an answer based upon the individual facts gained from my experience; I am confident to remark that astrology can derive the answer.

Statistically speaking, the individual fact is a fact led by a single sample. On the other hand, if the objective facts, a large number of samples, indicate that the planetary composition has no significant meaning, it should be the opportunity to reconsider the approach and improve the way of studying.

So what fits the objective facts?
It is not an incident that occurred in an individuals life. It should be an event or occurrence that can be observed equally by anyone and has already happened. It is a reason I chose an earthquake for the subject.

In this article, I calculated the statistical distribution of 16 celestial bodies and zodiacal signs based on the date and time of 11,270 earthquakes over M6 Richter-scale occurred during 1900-2017. Also, as a method of measuring objective facts, I apply the deviation compared to the standard data which I extracted 10,000 days and times randomly between 1900 and 2017.

Living with many earthquakes

The map of earthquakes that occurred around Japan from 1960 to 2018 (Japan Meteorological Agency)

For geographical reasons, Japan is the epicenter of 10-15% of the earthquakes worldwide and 20% of the earthquakes over M6.0 Richter scale. The number of sensitive earthquakes felt by the human body is more than 1,100 times a year. Earthquakes are one of the natural disasters that should always be prepared for Japanese people.

March 11, 2011. I was working in the office, more than 300 kilometers away from the epicenter, fortunately, had no power and water outages. But I still remember the horror of the tragedy kept reporting on TV for days and days. People around the world were amazed at the actions of the victims in Japan, and some praised them. There was almost no riot or theft, and a restrained daily life remained. There are several reasons for that, and I assume the Japanese nature view is one of the reasons.

93911787 - tsunami: 04/30/2011 fukushima japan
04/30/2011 Fukushima, Japan ©

In the latter half of the Great Purification Prayer 2, one of the famous Shinto prayers, the dynamic depiction of the four gods purifying the earth’s impurity. A scene in which the gods send off earthly sins and impurities from mountain rivers to the sea and finally to Hades. One Shinto priest taught me that the purification in the prayer included natural phenomena. He said, in the Prayer, we also could see the natural events that bring about troubles and misfortunes, and, the relationship between people and the awe and acceptance of natural disasters.

The earthquake has always been my interest as I grew up in such an environment and culture.

There have been many attempts to connect earthquakes and astrology and astronomy. For example, there is a recent study by Joelle Steele 3, an American writer, and a description by Raphael 4 at the beginning of the 20th century. There are multiple studies on earthquakes and Moon ages. The University of Tokyo team recently reports that large earthquakes are likely to occur around the full and new moons 5. Also, there is a study of the relations between the quake and Moon age and tide by Dr. Takaki Iwata at Hiroshima University 6.

Survey Result

Earthquakes reflected by the asteroids and the outer planets

In this part, the report covers two outer planets and the asteroids Pholus and Vesta.

Planets to reflect the occurrence period of earthquake

The distributions of the outer planets reflect the number of earthquakes in a long term period because of their long orbits. In the graphs for Neptune and Pluto, we can read the sequence of earthquake decline in the 1970s.

The distribution of the planets at the dates extracted randomly for 1900 – 2017 ,and the actual distribution of the planets at dates of the earthquakes for 1900 – 2017

There is no mystery in this result because the outer planets display the seismic distribution for 117 years. If these surveys continue for the next centuries, it will clarify whether earthquakes have occurred in a specific cycle as the outer planets draw related distributions.

A large version of the distribution chart of the earthquakes worldwide for 1900 – 2017 composed of the data provided by USGS

Why are the distributions of the planets differ in the charts randomly plotted? See the article about the elliptical orbit of the planet

Asteroid Pholus

Pholus (92-year orbital period) is an asteroid discovered in 1992 and has a long elliptical orbit. When an earthquake over M6 occurred, a distinctive distribution appears. There is a decrease near the aphelion, where Capricorn places. The period when Pholus is in Capricorn (ecliptic longitude 270 ° -299 °) is 1928-1950. Pholus returns to Capricorn while 2018-2040.

Pholus Orbit (NASA)

The distribution of the Pholus at the dates extracted randomly for 1900 – 2017 ,and the actual distribution of the Pholus at dates of the earthquakes for 1900 – 2017

Above is a comparison of the distribution of Pholus at the time of the earthquakes and of the dates extracted randomly. Decreased numbers in Capricorn can be seen with the quake over M6. This deviation disappears with M6.5 and M7. It implies that the distribution of Pholus relates to the number of earthquakes, but not to the intensity.

The actual distribution of the Pholus at dates of the earthquakes over M6.5 and M7 Richter scale for 1900 – 2017

Asteroid Vesta

Contrary to Pholuse, Vesta (3.6-year orbital period, found in 1807) shows uniqueness. The chart for the earthquake over M6 is identical to the standard data. However, the distribution near Pisces excessively increases at the chart over M6.5 and M7. Vesta seems to relate to the intensity.

The distribution of the Vesta at the dates extracted randomly for 1900 – 2017 ,and the actual distribution of the Vesta at dates of the earthquakes for 1900 – 2017

Vesta Orbit(NASA)

Above are the results of the survey obtained from two outer planets and two asteroids. Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno did not provide unique patterns or deviations. At the end of this series, I’ll release the graph chart for all sixteen celestial bodies.
The terms of staying in one sign are about thirteen years for Neptune, twenty years for Pluto, twenty years for Pholus when he moves near the aphelion, one to five years near the perihelion. So, the declines in numbers of the sign can represent the decline period of the earthquake. However, the increased amount in Pisces for asteroid Vesta is different. She stays in one zodiacal sign for six to eight months long at most because of her orbital period, 3.6-year. So, her cycle does not delineate the number of earthquakes like other celestial bodies above. I have not specified the reason for this yet. I’ll continue to work configuring the idea behind.

The number of data samples
M6.0 and above: 11,270
M6.5 and above: 3,981
M7.0 and above: 1,355

All earthquakes data applied in this survey was provided by USGS. 7


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統計で見る占星術 第2回 〜 地震が起きやすい惑星の配置はあるの? その1



1900-2017年に発生した地震分布チャート USGSから取得したデータから生成





集積データから占星術を測定する、これはミシェル・ゴークラン 1 に倣った方法です。もしそこに何も顕れなければ、占星術は主観的な直感、霊感と同じであり、客観的な天体運動や天体配置を診断に用いる意義を問い直さねばなりません。個人的にはホラリー占星術や、出生図が示唆する事柄について疑う点はありません。それらは経験から得た主観的な事実ですから「占星術は答えを導き出せる」という姿勢は変わらないのです。







最も有名な祝詞のひとつ「大祓祝詞」の後半では 2、四柱の神々が地上の穢れを浄化する様子がダイナミックに描かれています。神々が地上の罪と穢れを山岳の川から海へ、最後は根国底国へと送り消し去る場面です。こうした浄化作用は自然現象を含んでいると教わりました。そこに台風や大雨を重ねると、古来から災害と不幸をもたらす自然現象と日本人の関係性、自然災害を畏怖し、かつ受け入れる姿を見ることができます。そうした環境や文化で育ってきたので、地震はずっと私の関心対象でした。

地震と占星術を結びつける試みは度々行われています。たとえば、近年の作家Joelle Steele 3の研究、 20世紀初頭ではRaphael 4による記述などです。地震と月齢の研究は複数あり、最近では東大チームによる、巨大地震は満月・新月前後に起きやすいという研究報告 5、広島大学の岩田貴樹博士らによる地震と月齢・潮汐の研究があります 6





上図1900-2017年から1万日をランダム抽出した海王星・冥王星の分布 ,下図1900-2017の地震日から得た惑星の分布


1900 – 2017 発生の地震分布図 USGSデータから生成

(ランダムに抽出した分布に偏りがある理由 こちらの記事、惑星の楕円軌道についてを参照してください




上図1900-2017年から1万日をランダム抽出したフォルスの分布 ,下図1900-2017年の地震日から得たフォルスの分布




フォルスとは反対に、ベスタ(公転周期3.6年 1807年発見)は奇妙な分布を見せます。M6.5以上の場合に限りうお座付近の分布増加です。ベスタは地震の強度を反映している様にも見えます。

上図1900-2017年から1万日をランダム抽出したベスタの分布 ,下図1900-2017年の地震日から得たベスタの分布



M6.0 以上: 11,270
M6.5 以上: 3,981
M7.0 以上: 1,355

本稿で使用した地震データは全てUSGSから取得しました。 7


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