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Mr.Petros Eleftheriadis, an astrologer in Greece, has a clear perspective of fate and astrology. He is also an astrology teacher, and I am his student. He has Law and French literature background and is currently teaching astrology as a tutor of QHP (Qualifying Horary Practitioner) in Greece. Here, I introduce his idea of fate and astrology and also the significance of considerations before judgement from the introduction of his book “Horary Astrology – The practical way to learn your fate.” I thank him for permitting me to this article.


I believe in fate. I’m being straightforward here. I didn’t use to, but the more I got involved with astrology and horary astrology in particular, it became evident that no other explanation was possible IF astrology works. And it does work. Which means that if you can cast a chart that will give an accurate answer as to whether your lost pet is OK and the chart tells you that it is and it’s going to come back home in three days, then everything is written in the stars, I’m afraid. I know you don’t like it, but there you have it.
  This realization however has changed my practice. I don’t accept questions that are attempting to change a client’s fate, nor do I believe that they are valid. “Should I take job A or job B? Which is better?” It doesn’t matter, your natal chart may indicate that you are going through a tough professional period and this means that you HAVE TO take the “bad” job. There is no choice here. Astrology charts cannot possibly show something that will NEVER materialize, something that will never become reality, so they cannot show how your life would be, had you made another decision. What’s more, astrology cannot make your decisions for you. It may be that those decisions have already been made before your body was born, but this doesn’t alter the fact that YOU have to execute them.
  Imagine going to an astrologer every time when something important is at stake. What are you really asking the astrologer to do for you? You are asking the astrologer to save you from the pain of being incarnated. Let’s say that the astrologer tells you, for example, that you shouldn’t form a relationship with a certain person, because it will end in tears. But, this is exactly what’s supposed to happen. You should have the experience of a relationship that will hurt you badly and will scar you forever. This is what your natal chart indicates. Who told you that we are here to be happy? We are here to experience life, nothing more than that, and the kind of life that we are going to have is indicated by our natal chart. Lilly always said the natal chart comes first, so perhaps we should follow his advice.
  Unfortunately, most people go to an astrologer nowadays, either because they want to change something or avoid something. For example, a client hasn’t written a book, but he asks the astrologer if it’s going to be published, so as not to write it if the answer is negative. Invalid question. Other examples: “If I apply for this job, will I get it?” Invalid question. First apply for the job and then ask the question. “Will I win, if I play the lottery?” If your natal chart doesn’t show such a win, no matter how many charts you cast and no matter how wonderful they are, you are not going to win. It’s as simple as that and all those wonderful charts are simply invalid.
  There are people who believe in fate, but accept this kind of question because they say that going to an astrologer is part of the client’s fate, so it’s OK to answer “Should I?” questions. Perhaps, but what about the astrologer’s fate? Is spreading the lie that there is free will part of his or her fate? If one believes in free will, fine (although how one who has this belief can make predictions is beyond me), but if one doesn’t, are they sure their natal chart indicates that they should go on lying to people? Natal charts are not as clear as horary charts and it’s often difficult to make judgements on such subtle issues. So, one needs to make a “choice”, even if that choice has already been made before one was born. I, therefore, made a choice to not answer such questions.
  So, what’s the purpose of going to an astrologer, I hear you ask? If you want to know your future in order to change it, then simply don’t go to an astrologer, it’s pointless. Astrology, however, is extremely important in helping you embrace your fate, in helping you realize, time and time again, that you are part of a great design. Have you seen the film Stranger than Fiction? Despite its Hollywood ending, which is understandable, I think it explains very well what fate is and how astrology works, without ever mentioning astrology. When the hero finds out exactly his life story, he realizes how perfect it all is, in spite of its sad and unfortunate parts, and he doesn’t want to change a thing. This is exactly what astrology can do for us, it helps us realize the old cliché “everything happens for a reason”.
  Consequently, in this book, I do not include “Should I?” charts, nor do I include any charts that are not radical, following the major considerations before judgement (I make only a few exceptions, but I explain why). Lilly seems sometimes to ignore these considerations, but it was difficult to send a client away in those days. Nowadays, when it is so easy to cast a chart and communicate with a client, we have no excuse. A lot of charts are invalid, either because there is no real question behind them or because the client doesn’t ask what he/she really wants to know. People sometimes say that considerations before judgement make no sense, because it’s like saying that astrology sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. No, it’s not that at all. Remember, we are talking about horary astrology here, not natal. When a child is born, their chart is valid, because a birth actually took place, the child is real. The child, however, becomes real at the moment of birth, not at conception. Just because someone has conceived a child, this doesn’t mean that a child will actually be born, as we well know. Horary astrology is like that, but instead of a child, we have the querent’s question. With horary astrology we cannot be sure whether the question is real or not, because very often querents can’t be trusted. This means that the considerations before judgement are very useful, particularly when more than one is present, in which case, I strongly urge you to cast the chart aside.
  The charts included in this book do not cover all possible areas. For example, I’ve never had an “Am I pregnant?” question in my practice, possibly because people, quite understandably, prefer to take the test or go to the doctor instead of going to an astrologer. However, this is not important. I don’t believe in aphorisms and in special rules for each topic. In every chart, no matter what the question is, you do basically the same work: dignities, receptions, aspects.
  All the questions about sports are mine (no examples in my professional practice) and there are a few others that are mine as well (questions about elections, song contests, etc.).
  One final note: The main objective in horary is to answer questions with a simple YES or NO. The answer may be a single word, but it’s not always easy getting there. True, there is a detailed script for all our actions, but it’s very difficult for an astrologer to accurately make it out, so simply don’t do it, because half of the time you are going to be wrong.

Eleftheriadis, Petros. Horary Astrology The practical way to learn your fate. Introduction, The Wessex Astrologer Ltd, 2017, xi-xiii.

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This book contains judgements for 55 valid horary charts destined for students and professionals of the art.

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ペトロス・エレフセリディアス氏は、運命と占星術について明快な見解を有するギリシャの占星術師です。そして私の先生です。法律とフランス文学を学ばれ、現在、生地ギリシャにてQHP (Qualifying Horary Practitioner) の占星術講師をされています。運命と占星術、また占断前の考察について、著書序文の翻訳をしました。掲載許可をくださったエレフセリアディス先生にお礼申し上げます。(2019-07-06)


 この認識は私の実践を変えました。私は顧客の運命を変える質問は受け付けません。またそれが有効だとも思いません。「A、Bの仕事どちらをとるべきか? どちらの方が良いか?」気にする必要はありません。あなたの出生図が、仕事で非常に困難な時期があることを示すのなら、それは「困難」な仕事をする「必要がある」という意味です。そこに選択肢はありません。占星術チャートは決して現実化しないこと、現実にあり得ないことを示すことはありません。ですから、別の選択肢をとっていたら人生がどうなるかを示すこともないのです。さらに述べるなら、占星術があなたの決断を肩代わりすることもありません。それらの決断は、おそらくあなたが生まれる以前にすでにされてるのでしょう。そして、「あなたが」それを実行すべきという事実が変わることもないのです。
 想像してください。なにか重要なことがある度に占星術師に会いに行くという状況を。そうした場合、あなたが占星術師に本当にしてもらいたいことはなんでしょうか。痛みから救ってもらいたいのです。たとえば、「その関係は最後は悲しみで終わる。だからその人と一緒になるべきではない」占星術師がそう言ったとしましょう。でも、それは本来起きるべきことです。あなたはその関係から痛みを経験し、心には永遠に残る傷を負うのかも知れません。これこそが出生図が指し示す事柄です。私たちは幸せになるためにこの世界にいる〜 一体誰がそう言ったのでしょうか。私たちは経験するために生きています。それ以上でも以下でもありません。そうした出来事が起きる人生を示すのが出生図です。ウィリアム・リリーが常に示す様に「出生図優先」。おそらく彼の助言に倣うべきでしょう。
 運命を信じると言いつつ、こうした質問を受ける人はいます。なぜなら、占星術師に問うこともクライアントの運命だから、と言うのです。故に「それをすべきか?」の問に答えることも問題はないと言います。そうかもしれません。それでは、占星術師の運命についてはどうでしょう。自由意志が彼らの運命の一部であるという嘘を広めているのではないでしょうか? 自由意志を信じる人はいいでしょう。(そうした人たちがどの様に未来予測をするのかについては私の理解を超えていますが)でも、もしそう信じていないのであれば、彼らの出生図が、そうした嘘を伝えると示すことを分かっているのでしょうか。出生チャートはホラリーのそれよりも明瞭ではなく、こうした微妙な問題を取り扱うのは難しいでしょう。仮に生まれる前に決められていたとしても、まず「選択」することが必要です。故に、私はそうした質問には答えない選択をしました。
 さて、お聞きします。占星術師に会いに行く目的はなんでしょう。もし未来を変えるために未来を知りたいのであれば、占星術師を訊ねるのはやめてください。意味がないのです。一方、占星術はあなた自身の運命を受け入れる時に極めて重要な助けになります。また、あなた自身が広大な意図の一部であることを理解するに際しても、幾度となくその助けとなるでしょう。映画「主人公は僕だった(Stranger than Fiction)」をご存知でしょうか。 ハリウッド風のエンディングですが、占星術の説明抜きで、運命とは何か、占星術がいかに機能するのかを巧みに描いた作品です。主人公が自身の人生の物語を発見したとき、その精妙さを理解します。そして悲しみと不運に見舞われながらも、その理由を理解した彼はそれらを変えてはならないと悟るのです。これこそが、占星術が私たちにもたらすものであり、私たちは占星術を通し「全ての出来事には理由がある」と理解してゆくのです。






Translated by astrogrammar

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