Decoding in progress by Japanese researcher, The Astronomical Diaries of 600 Years from Babylonia

Decoding of “The Astronomical Diaries from Babylonia (ADB)” is in progress by Dr.Yasuyuki Mitsuma, assistant professor, the researcher of Ancient Western Asian History at the University of Tsukuba. ADB was excavated in the ruins of Babylon in the ancient Mesopotamia (present Iraq) mainly in the late 19th century says by Dr.Mitsuma. He describes that the ADB is an excellent source of information of natural phenomena, including astronomical ones, in the pre-Christ era because it contains the record of highly continuous and systematic observations, spanning from BCE 652 to BCE 61. He stayed in London for about two years from 2011 and took approximately 80,000 photographs of undecoded tablets at the British Museum.

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Fate and Astrology

Mr.Petros Eleftheriadis, an astrologer in Greece, has a clear perspective of fate and astrology. He is also an astrology teacher, and I am his student. He has Law and French literature background and is currently teaching astrology as a tutor of QHP (Qualifying Horary Practitioner) in Greece. Here, I introduce his idea of fate and astrology and also the significance of considerations before judgement from the introduction of his book “Horary Astrology – The practical way to learn your fate.” I thank him for permitting me to this article.

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How the divine mind is projecting your life through the chart

It was the first day of a three-day intensive course of prediction, in Tokyo, by Dr. Benjamin Dykes. My birth chart was added to the agenda as one of the case studies. The explanation by Dr.Dykes came to the Profections. So my personal events that repeat every 12 years were revealed. The Profection drew my past almost entirely, and I admired this simple technique. However, I could not sleep for two nights since this day because I was annoyed by the feeling of depression, contrary to the joy of knowing the art. Continue reading “How the divine mind is projecting your life through the chart”

Of Exaltations, Tetrabiblos by Ptolemy

When I studied Exaltation and Fall on the books, the concept and reason were unclear comparing to Domicile (Ruler) and Detriment. Later on, I found the descriptions on Tetrabiblos by Ptolemy; however, his explanation was too simple to capture the whole picture. In this article, for Japanese readers, I explain the reasons behind Exaltation and Fall with sharing the seasonal figures, and the directions assigned to each zodiacal sign.
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Quote from the preface of “Fine Astrology” Dr.Hideo Itokawa, 1979

Dr.Hideo Itokawa (1912-1999) is a well known Japanese aeronautics scientist who led the Japanese space development industry, and is known as a father of rocket science in Japan. He was also an author of the book “Fine Astrology” (1979), and “Prediction Astrology” (1980). This quote is from a preface to his first book. A short briefing about his relationship with Astrology is here.

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Dr.Hideo Itokawa (July 20, 1912 – Feb 21, 1999), a prominent Japanese doctor in rocket engineering known as a father of rocket in Japan, was also a practitioner of Western astrology. Before the world, in 1977, Dr.Itokawa and his team released a diagnostic program for Western astrology. The development period was nearly ten years. Also, he established Astro Craft Co., Ltd., started selling astrology diagnostic program. On May 1979, he published his first book “Fine Astrology” which became a best seller in Japan. On December 1979, his second book “Prediction Astrology” was released from SONY books Co., Ltd. Dr.Itokawa introduced astrology to make a future prediction.
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