Long Ascension and Short Ascension

William Lilly tells us about the signs of Long Ascension and Short Ascension on page 92, Christian Astrology I. This footage shows a simulated sky motion for 48 hours. You’ll see the differences between Long Ascension signs and Short Ascension signs.

The simulated sky motion of Yokohama, Japan (35N2) December 31, 2010 – January 2, 2020
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Why does MC move on the horoscope chart?

Meridian never moves in the real world, but MC moves side to side on the horoscope, Why?
As soon as getting into astrology, we learn what the ascendant and MC are. However, these are things not quite easy to understand by texts and diagrams. It is a reason I created this video.

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Let us be Skywatchers


Significance of what real stars show us in terms of astrology and Rumen Kolev’s research

“Astrology without watching real stars means nothing since we are dealing with stars,” said Mr.Kolev. The lightning hit me. It was the most straightforward statement that I’ve waited for years other astrologers would tell me because I used to feel the same as a space lover. We see the differences between modern astrology and traditional astrology. But it is the only matter of their grammars and pronunciation. What the most critical fundamental subject is the phenomena in the sky, the planets and the stars, the creation of the creator. It is the subject we are standing in.
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Astrology In Statistics, Part Two: Earthquakes and Planetary Locations – Chapter One



This article is a survey report on 11,270 earthquakes and planetary positions. The purpose of the survey is to find the relationship between earthquakes, over M6 Richter scale, and the celestial bodies location in the past 117 years. I will not discuss the predictions. Because it is not feasible to measure the activity of the earth in 100 years out of 4.6 billion years as the life of forty-six years cannot be evaluated by the events that occurred in two minutes.

The distribution chart of the earthquakes worldwide for 1900 – 2017 provided by USGS

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Astrology In Statistics, Part One: People who have Mars in Virgo are one and half times more than Pisces


This article concerns astrology and statistics. I will discuss the statistical deviation using the graph of the planetary positions in the zodiacal signs.

Little is known about the fact that people with Mars in Virgo are 1.5 times more than Pisces. If it is randomly collected 10,000 people from all generations, the number of people with Mars sign will be more Scorpio, Leo, Virgo and Libra, and fewer Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. (figure.1)

The distribution of Mars Sign on 10,000 dates selected randomly in 500 years.

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Decoding in progress by Japanese researcher, The Astronomical Diaries of 600 Years from Babylonia

Decoding of “The Astronomical Diaries from Babylonia (ADB)” is in progress by Dr.Yasuyuki Mitsuma, assistant professor, the researcher of Ancient Western Asian History at the University of Tsukuba. ADB was excavated in the ruins of Babylon in the ancient Mesopotamia (present Iraq) mainly in the late 19th century says by Dr.Mitsuma. He describes that the ADB is an excellent source of information of natural phenomena, including astronomical ones, in the pre-Christ era because it contains the record of highly continuous and systematic observations, spanning from BCE 652 to BCE 61. He stayed in London for about two years from 2011 and took approximately 80,000 photographs of undecoded tablets at the British Museum.

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Fate and Astrology

Mr.Petros Eleftheriadis, an astrologer in Greece, has a clear perspective of fate and astrology. He is also an astrology teacher, and I am his student. He has Law and French literature background and is currently teaching astrology as a tutor of QHP (Qualifying Horary Practitioner) in Greece. Here, I introduce his idea of fate and astrology and also the significance of considerations before judgement from the introduction of his book “Horary Astrology – The practical way to learn your fate.” I thank him for permitting me to this article.

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