On House of Councilors election in 2019 | 参議院選挙動向

“Subaru the Pleiades” 11mm f/2.8 20sec, 2018

July 3, 2019

On July 4, the Japanese government makes a public announcement for House of Councilors election, which will take place on July 21, I cast the ingress chart again and read the outcome of the vote.
In conclusion, for those who do not read a whole, although the present administration is bullish, there is a high possibility that the opposition party will leap this election.

The lord of the 10th house, representing the administration in the vernal equinox, is Saturn in his domicile. There is no affliction to Saturn except for Pluto which is applying to conjunct. ( However, until January 13, 2020, Pluto and Saturn will not have conjunction. )

The ingress chart on the vernal equinox [LEFT]
March 21, 2019
06:58:23 JST
35N42 / 139E46
The ingress chart on the summer solstice [RIGHT]
June 22, 2019
00:54:12 JST
35N42 / 139E46
In the ingress chart at Vernal Equinox, the current administration’s bullishness remains, and I read that there is no sign of weakness. Saturn itself is Infortune planet, but he is in domicile and less harmless.

The ascending sign is Aries, which is Cardinal sign. Therefore, this chart valid for three months as I follow a general rule in traditional astrology that tells us Cardinal sign for three months, Mutable sign for six months, and Fixed sign for one year.

So let me take the ingress chart on the summer solstice.
The ascending is Aries again; there are only 33 minutes difference from the ingress chart of the vernal equinox.
However, the state of the Saturn, which represents the administration, has changed significantly.

Saturn in the vernal equinox culminates and has the trine with Mars which is the lord of the ascendant. There is the square by sign between Saturn and the San with exaltation. Also, he has trine with the Moon, by sign, the lord of the fourth house, which represents political opponents; besides, she is the natural ruler of the ordinary people or the public.
At this point, the government is pretty bullish, and there is no affliction with the opposition party and the public. The administration seems to be supported by the people, although they have frustration with hard labour, and people’s interests aim to the matter which concerns the sixth house such as national service. However, the Moon is Peregrine and does not behold the ascendant, so she is likely indifferent to anything rather than the matters in the sixth house.

On the other hand, in the ingress chart on the summer solstice, Saturn culminates, but the circumstances around him are quite different. He retrogrades, and conjuncts with the south node which diminishes his strength, and aspects with opposition; Mars, the lord of the ascendant, and Mercury, the lord of the third house. Besides, the Moon, the lord of the fourth house, which denotes the political enemy, is in the 11th house representing the Parliament, and Saturn does not behold her. People are interested in Parliament, but our administration does not recognise it. The sun in the fourth house denotes that the prime minister stands alone and apart from his administration.
All of these circumstances imply a lousy situation for an administration. Saturn is in domicile and confident, but without any support from the other planets.

Followings are significant points:
– Saturn does not behold the Moon, which represents the masses and the opposition, can not be seen from the administration. The administration can underestimate them.
– The conjunction with the south node indicates a weakening of their potential.
– The opposition with Mars, the lord of the ascendant, which is in the fourth house, is an implication of negative outcome on the election for the current administration.

Let’s take a look at the political opponent signified by the fourth house and the Moon, which is the lord of the fourth house.

The ingress chart at the vernal equinox:
・ The diurnal chart
・ The north node in the 4th house
・ Moon Age: 14, increasing her light
・ The Moon is in the 6th house, peregrine, and void of course
・ The Moon does not behold the ascendant
・ The trine between the Moon and Mars, and has mutual receptions
・ The trine between the Moon and Saturn by the sign

The ingress chart at the summer solstice:
・ The nocturnal chart
・ There are the Sun, the north node, Mars, and Mercury in the 4th house
・ Moon age:18, decreasing her light
・ The Moon is in the 11th house, peregrine, and void of course
・ The sextile between the Moon and Jupiter in the 9th house
・ The trine between the Moon and Venus in the 3rd house

These facts indicate that political opponents are gaining more strength than the current administration.

Two fixed stars on the chart would tell little more about these charts.
On both vernal equinox, summer solstice ingress chart: Vega conjuncts M.C. at 0 degrees 30 minutes
On the summer solstice ingress chart: Pollux conjuncts Mars at 0 degrees 3 minutes

Vega is associated with music, art, and theatre, giving fame and wealth, and the bond with MC represents promised success. It is an indication of potential which the current administration gains for their publicity activities.

β Gemini, Pollux has the meaning of ferocious and cruel with Martian nature, and has the name “the wicked boy.” In particular, it is said to be careful about the aggression when it conjoins with the ascendant, M.C., Saturn, and Mars. The conjunction of Pollux and Mars in the fourth house implies the overwhelming victory of the opposition party. I do not know which party is.

more about Vega and Pollux

From those above testimonies, the opposition parties will likely leap House of Councilors election. In any case, the outcome will force the current administration to review its administrative policy.

For the circumstances after the election, I leave another interpretation to the ingress chart of the autumn equinox of this year because the ingress chart on the summer solstice valid for three months due to the ascending sign is the cardinal.

Outcome and review on the judgement

July 23, 2019


The voting rate is 48.8%. It is noticeable that the second low level of interest in the past 30 years.
In the past, the ruling party used to have an advantage in the low turnout elections. The ruling party gained a majority this time, but they reduced their seats and did not secure the number of seats needed to fulfil Prime minister Abe’s long-cherished ambition of revising a pacifist Constitution. It will be an obstacle to achieving the current administration’s goal of “constitutional revision within two years”.

In the opposition, “Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan” increased the number of seats from 24 to 32 and “National Democratic Party” decreased from 23 to 21. “The party that protects the people from NHK,” which was considered to be a minor candidate, won one seat. Besides, “Reiwa Shinsengumi (Reiwa newly selected team)” won 2 places from 1. These two parties also gained the number of votes meeting the condition to qualify as a political party eligible for subsidies.

The Election Result

Evaluation [A / B / C / D / F ]

[F] General evaluation
[A] for “the present administration is bullish.”
[C-] for “there is a high possibility that the opposition party will leap this election.”

Evaluation basis

Saturn in Angular house and Domicile sign denotes bullishness and prosperity, even considering afflicts and retrogradation. I assumed that the current administration stays bullish, also if some problems occurred. He concluded that the ascendant lord Mars and Saturn’s opposition would keep their bullishness, even if they represent the robust election results for the current administration, as they join the South Node, which promotes the weakening of Saturn.

Although the media reports that the “Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan” and “Reiwa Shinsengumi” have made great strides, both parties are not enough to threaten the current administration.
The topic of Reiwa Shinsengumi in the media is high, and the number of donations from the citizens they collected in three months (¥ 400 million), the number of audiences gathered in the street address, and the winning of two severely disabled people are noteworthy. Also, the media has already mentioned that they may be the next dark horse of the House of Representatives election. However, at present, they are not enough to threaten the administration.

[F] Genal evaluation
The primary reason is that I mentioned, “the outcome of the election will force the current administration to review its administrative policy.” The loss of seats necessary for a constitutional amendment will be an argument within the LDP. However, many did not change, and they no longer needed to review the administration policy.

Consideration: Ignoring the Basics is fatal!

The Moon, the lord of the fourth house in the eleventh house, does not behold the fourth house in Cancer. It is merely “aversion”. In classical astrology, when the significator does not behold its own sign, its strength greatly diminished. That is a fundamental rule. I have overestimated and misread that the Moon in the 6th house, at the vernal equinox, moved into the 11th house at the summer solstice chart, and Mars the lord of the ascendant and the north node in the 4th house. If I adhere to the basics, it is evident that the condition of the Moon is not good compared to Saturn.

According to Lilly’s score table:

Saturn [+1]

  • Domicile:5
  • The 10th:5
  • Retrogradation:-5
  • Conjunct to the south node:-4

The Moon [-3]

  • Peregrin:-5
  • The 11th:4
  • Decreasing in light:-2

Lilly’s score table PDF

At first, I should evaluate the strength of the Moon and Saturn with the basics, and make this criterion for the judgement to proceed. Although the scoring table does not always lead me to an answer, I realized again that it helps me to maintain objectivity. That’s because my dissatisfaction with the current administration policy has affected my judgement.


Pro-amendment camp loses 2/3 majority
New anti-establishment political group makes big strides in Japan
Abe wins upper house poll but suffers constitutional reform setback

2019年 参議院選挙動向



春分図 2019年 [左]
06:58:23 JST
35N42 / 139E46
夏至図 2019年 [右]
00:54:12 JST
35N42 / 139E46
春分図では現政権の強気は変わらず、大きく動く気配無しと読みました。 春分図のアセンダント「おひつじ座」は活動宮。よって本チャートの有効期間を3ヶ月とします。(活動宮:3ヶ月、柔軟宮:6ヶ月、固定宮:1年)


春分図の土星はドミサイルで南中し、アセンダントロード「火星」から分離のトライン、政敵(野党)を表す4室のロードである月とトライン。月は大衆の表示星。またエグザルテーションの太陽とサインでスクウエア。 この時点では政権は強気で、野党や大衆との軋轢は見えません。穏やかに支持されている。ただ、6室の月は労働環境が悪く虐げられている状態で、アセンダントは見えず、ペレグリンで元気が無い。支持しているというより、6室以外の事柄に無関心な状態に近いと判じます。

逆行、サウスノード(ドラゴンテイル)とのコンジャンクト、アセンダントロード「火星」とのオポジション、3室のロード「水星」とも対向。また政敵(野党)を表す4室のロード「月」は議会を表す11室にあり、土星からは見えません。 人々の関心は国会に向いてます。ところが現政権からはこれが認識できない。 また太陽は対向の4室。太陽を現首相として見れば、安倍首相は政権から孤立し、政権に敵対していると読めます。




・昼のチャート 月に不利
・4室にノースノード [有利]
・月齢 14、増光 [有利]
・月:ペレグリンで6室。ボイド [極めて不利]
・月:アセンダントを見ていない [極めて不利]
・月:アセンダント・ロード「火星」とトライン、ミューチュアルリセプション [有利]
・月:土星とはサインでトライン [有利]

・夜のチャート 月に有利
・4室に太陽、ノースノード、火星、水星 [有利/波乱含み]
・月齢 18、減光 [不利]
・月:ペレグリンで11室。ボイド [不利 11室は有利]
・月:9室の木星とセキスタイル [有利]
・月:3室の金星と分離のトライン [有利]



春分図・夏至図:Vega(ヴェガ) MCと0度30分でコンジャンクト
夏至図:Pollux(ポルックス) 火星と0度3分でコンジャンクト











The Election Result

評価 [A/B/C/D/F]











  • ドミサイル:+5
  • 10室:+5
  • 逆行:-5
  • サウスノードと合:-4


  • ペレグリン:-5
  • 11室:+4
  • 減光:-2

ウィリアム・リリーの点数表PDF(英) | ウィリアム・リリーの点数表PDF(和)



Pro-amendment camp loses 2/3 majority
New anti-establishment political group makes big strides in Japan
Abe wins upper house poll but suffers constitutional reform setback

ハウス区分にAlacabitiusを使用していますが、ハウスの読み方は現QHP(Qualifying Horary Practitioner)ルールに従いカスプが属するサインに入る惑星は、カスプ外であっても当該ハウスに属するものとして扱います。つまり、ホールハウスサインシステムと4区分ハウスシステムを併用します。

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