The 101st Kishida administration

On November 10th, 2021, Mr. Kishida was elected at the nomination of the 101st Prime Minister. This note describes the state of the Kishida administration using the method of astrology. A question is: Is he going to make achievements with his political policies?

At the time of his nomination
At the time of his nomination, 14:58:15 November 10, 2021, Tokyo Japan

14:58:15, November 10, 2021, Wednesday(JST)
Tokyo, Japan

The ascendant: Aries 14°04′
The ruler and almuten of the ascendant: Mars, The Sun
Mars is in his domicile and the 8th house, also he receives the Sun.


Mars: Scorpio, his domicile, dignifies Mars, but he is in the 8th house, and he is under the sunbeams and invisible. (He became visible on December 12-13, 2021.) The Sun, almuten of the ascendant, is also in the 8th house. And both bodies are square to the Moon and Saturn in the 11th house. And the Moon is the significator of people, and Saturn is the ruler of the 10th and 11th houses.

Who is the lord of this chart?:
The Sun, Mars, and Mercury cannot be the lord because they are in the 8th house. The Moon is in the male sign in the diurnal chart, so she will not be the lord either. Jupiter is in his JOY and Saturn is in his domicile. But Saturn is afflicted by Mars with a partile square. Jupiter is in his sect but he is not essentially dignified and square to the Sun. Venus is dignified by triplicity in the pivot and female sign. She is a better choice for the lord of the chart, although she is out of sect.


The achievement signified by Saturn, the ruler of the 10th, is heavily damaged by Mars. The other significators of the 10th are Venus, who is in the 10th, and Mars, the almuten of the 10th house. Mars will not perform well. He has a certain quality of action, however, his action will be diminished by parliaments and other influences of the current party and the fellows of PM Kishida. Venus is the only hope, but she has no support from Jupiter and the Moon. A good thing about Venus is that she is strongly received by Mars, who is sextile to her. Therefore, this administration will survive for a while. But the administration will not perform as well as expected.

The monthly profection tells that June and July in 2022 will be challenging because of Mars in the 8th house and the south node in the 9th house. Moreover, if a House of Councillors election is held in July, the current party will lose seats.

Venus stands in the 10th house which is the profection house of August, but the partile square between infortunes is severe debility. Thus, the 101st Kishida administration will survive until August 2022, and the PM Kishida will suffer a low support rate and a few achievements until then.

[15:16, January 16, 2022]


I was right about the administration’s inability to formulate adequate policies. But I was wrong about losing seats in the House of Councilors. This administration implemented the fewest policies and took the fewest concrete measures in the past decade.
In the 2022 Aries ingress chart, Mercury, which represents the administration, is in very favorable conjunction with Jupiter.
(I personally hope that a strong administration will take effective measures.)

[23:13, July 10, 2022]