Vega and Pollux | ヴェガとポルックス

The citations from “Fixed Star and their interpretation” by Ebertin-Hoffmann of two fixed stars, Vega and Pollux

66. Vega, Longitude:14°36′ Capricorn, Alpha Lyrae.
Arabic for The Falling Eagle, Vega is the principal star in the constellation Lyra, is the brightest fixed star of the northern sky and has a Venus nature with a blend of Neptune and Mercury. The Babylonians called Vega the Star of the Queen of Life. In a good cosmic configuration, Vega is supposed to give artistic talents, especially for music and acting, but also a liking for good living. With eccentric artists, this may lead to a debauched life. Tied up with Jupiter and Venus, Vega is said to pave the way to riches and fame. However, if other influences play a part, this wealth may be lost again. High success is promised if Vega is positioned on the Horizon or Meridian. One can find Vega in corresponding aspects in birth charts of statesmen, politicians, persons of importance and influential persons.

(p.72, FIXED STARS and their interpretation, by Ebertin-Hoffmann, Published by American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.)

The longitude at 2019:15°35′ Capricorn, Latitude:61N44,

29. Pollux, Longitude:22°35′ Cancer, Beta Geminorum, 1st Magnitude.
Pollux, also called Hercules, in the Twins, has a strongly felt Martian nature and has the name “the wicked boy” of the brother-and-sister part of Castor and Pollux. According to its nature, this star is brutal, tyrannical, violent and cruel if in conjunction with the lights, Asc or Meridian, or even linked with malefics. Just as Mars has its good sides if the energy it creates is channelled constructively, so Pollux should not always be considered as unhelpful. The fixed star badly placed could manifest that way, not by the native misusing his energy but by others deceiving the native and by fate playing him or her some cruel tricks.

(p.34, FIXED STARS and their interpretation, by Ebertin-Hoffmann, Published by American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.)

The longitude at 2019:23°29′ Cancer, Latitude:6N41,


66.ヴェガ 経度:やぎ座14°36′ 、こと座α星
アラビアでは降下するワシと呼ばれる、こと座の主星(α星)ヴェガは北天で最も明るいの主恒星で、金星に海王星と水星を混成した性質を有します。バビロニア人は生命の女王と呼びました。チャート上で調和的な配置にあるとき、芸術的才能、特に音楽と演技の資質を与え、また良い暮らしへの嗜好性を表します。風変わりな芸術家にあっては、堕落した生活へと導くかもしれません。木星と金星と結びついた時、富と名声への道を開くと言われています。しかし、他の影響によって得た富を再び失うかも知れません。地平線(ASC/DSC)、子午線(MC/IC)上にある場合は大きな成功が約束されています。 政治家、議員、重要人物、有力者の出生図にヴェガとのアスペクトを見るでしょう。

(p.72「恒星とその解釈」 エバーティン-ホフマン著, American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.)


29. ポルックス 経度:かに座 22°35’、緯度:6N41 ふたご座β星 1等星

(p.34「恒星とその解釈」 エバーティン-ホフマン著, American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.)

2019年時点の経度:かに座 23°29′ 緯度:6N41