Libra Ingress Chart, JAPAN 2019年秋分図

Moon Age 24


This article describes mainly the following three points interpreting on the ingress chart at the autumn equinox 2019; The state of the current administration of Japan, the economics, and the condition around the election for the House of Representatives which will possibly be taken place in a year or two.

Present Situation

The prime minister Abe still has two more years to go by autumn 2021, the end of his term as president of the Liberal Democratic Party. If the series of anti-cabinet movement arises or the current administration attempts to step up government support during his administration; usually the cabinet without waiting till the end of its term will dissolve the Diet and try to bring about a solution by calling a general election. It is evident that the opposition parties can only defeat the current administration if they can present a united front; however, the current situation tells us that that is not likely to occur at ease. The domestic economic situation in Japan has been suffered from 20-year prolonged deflation, although the economy grew at a moderate pace in 2018 and the first quoter of 2019. In spite of the numbers of the opposite opinion, the current administration took the plan to raise the sales tax this coming October 2019. Some say the looming increase may spark recession fears. However, the latest public opinion survey shows the government’s approval rate exceeds 50%.

I look up the chart and interpret what it tells us.

Libra Ingres Chart

16:50 JST (GMT+9:00) September 23, 2019
The day chart

The sect light: the Sun in the eighth house, Libra
The most benefic: Jupiter in the tenth house, Sagittarius
The most malefic: Mars in the seventh house, Virgo
The ascendant: Pisces, Jupiter is the lord

The ascending sign is Pisces, which is a common sign. Thus, this chart valid for six months as I follow a general rule in traditional astrology that tells us Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) for three months, Common sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) for six months, and Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) for one year.


  • The current administration
    Jupiter, The lord of the tenth: 17°12′ Sagittarius [diurnally placed]
    Co-significator: The Sun, the eighth house, 0°00′ Libra
  • The oppositions to the current administration
    Mercury, The lord of the fourth: 14°57 Libra
    Mars, the natural ruler of the opposition forces, the seventh house, 23°02 Virgo
  • The common people
    The Moon (the natural ruler of the common people): the fifth house, 15°10′ Cancer [nocturnally placed]
  • The financial state
    Mars, the lord of the second: the seventh house, 23°02′ Virgo

Positive factors

  • Jupiter is the lord of the ascendant, and he rules the chart and beholds the ascendant.
  • The lord of the tenth, Jupiter is in his domicile and diurnal placed, which makes him strong.
  • The lesser benefic, Venus is in her domicile, Libra, applying an aspect to Jupiter with a sextile.
  • She is diurnally placed and under the Sunbeam. Her strength reduces.
  • Mercury, the lord of the fourth, is having an aspect to Jupiter with a sextile, but separation and both planets are mutual receptions between their term.
  • The Moon, in her domicile, is having an aspect to Mars with a sextile (separating).

Negative factors

  • Jupiter has just passed the meridian, MC, so his strength just passed the peak.
  • The Sun is in the eighth house.
  • The most malefic in this chart, Mars, has an aspect to Jupiter with a square which it is said to be overcome, a definite signification of destruction for Jupiter. However, Mars is in Virgo 23° and has essential dignity by term (bound), and he is separating from Jupiter; his maliciousness reduces.
  • Jupiter beholds the Sun, but the Moon.
  • Mercury is in the eighth house and makes an aspect to the Moon with a square, which is overcoming. However, the Moon is separating; her ill effects reduce.


Although the peak has passed, the state of the current administration is substantial and confident.[a] A primary problematic indication is the issues arising from overseas. The administration will be suffered by the other countries with the effects on finance, and trade. The problem may arise from the countries or regions South West. [b]
If the prime minister decides to call the election for the House of Representatives by the end of March 2020, the current administration will win. [c]
There is a compromise or collaboration between the current administration and the oppositions. [d]
However, other oppositions’ accusations to the current administration will intensify.[e]
The economy and financial state will not improve and suffers from deflation, sliding investment, and weakening growth. However, the circumstances will be neither destructive nor collapse immediately.[f]

The Directions from Japan
The Directions from Japan, The image of the Earth from Google Earth

[a] The lord of the chart, Jupiter is in the tenth house, and he is well dignified.
[b] Mars is in the seventh at Virgo, and he is the ruler of the second and the ninth house.
[c] The oppositions, signified by Mercury, are not strong enough to change the current situation because Mercury has unfortunate placement, no strong support by the ordinary people represented by the Moon.
[d] A week mutual reception by term between Jupiter and Mercury
[e] Mars signifies the opposition and makes an aspect to Jupiter with a square.
[f] The most malefic Mars, the lord of the second house, represents a reduction of the trade profit, but his maliciousness reduces as mentioned above.


[18:16 on March 15, 2020]

[A] Yes. No power threatens the current administration. The state of the current administration is substantial and confident.

[F] The problem that emerged from the southwest was not a trading issue but a “cruise ship.”

[-] Evaluation not required. The election did not take place.

[F] No objective fact

[F] No objective fact

[D] Consumption tax hike and COVID-19 caused a catastrophic situation







Libra Ingres Chart

16:50 日本標準時間 (GMT+9:00)


セクト・ライト:太陽 8室 てんびん宮
最吉星:木星 10室 いて宮
最凶星:火星 7室 おとめ宮
上昇宮:うお宮 支配星:木星



  • 現政権:木星・10室支配星・いて宮17°12’【昼の配置】
    補助表示星:太陽・8室・てんびん宮 0°00′
  • 野党:水星・4室支配星・てんびん宮14°57 、火星(対向勢力のナチュラル・ルーラー)7室・おとめ宮 23°02′
  • 国民:月(ナチュラル・ルーラー)5室、かに宮 15°10′ 【夜の配置】
  • 経済状況:火星・2室支配星・7室・おとめ宮 23°02′


  • アセンダントと10室の支配星である木星がアセンダントへアスペクトし、昼の配置にあり且つドミサイル(ルーラー)のいて宮にあり、非常に強められた状態
  • 第二の吉星である金星がドミサイルのてんびん宮にあり、セキスタイルを形成している。昼の配置、サンビーム下にあるため、やや力は減衰する。
  • 4室支配星の水星は分離のセキスタイルを木星と形成、両星はタームでミューチュアル・レセプション
  • 月はドミサイルにあり、火星に分離のセキスタイルを形成


  • 木星は子午線(MC)を経過、勢力はピークを過ぎた状態
  • 太陽が第8室にある
  • 本チャートの最凶星火星は木星に対してスクウェアを形成し、制(overcome)にあるため木星には破壊的作用。ただし、分離アスペクト、火星がタームを得ていることから凶意はやや軽減される
  • 木星は太陽にアスペクトしているが、月にはしていない
  • 水星:8室にあり月と制(overcome)のスクウェア。分離アスペクトであるため凶意はやや軽減する。


現政権。隆盛のピークは過ぎていますが、状態は盤石で自信に満ちています。[a] 主な問題として、国家間においての財政的・貿易によるものから政府が悩まされる状態を示しています。また、そうした問題は日本から見て南西より現れる可能性があります。[b]
現政権はいずれかの野党との妥協、何らかの協力体制を敷く可能性があります。 [d]ただ別の野党は批判をさらに強めます。[f]

The Directions from Japan
The Directions from Japan, The image of the Earth from Google Earth

[a] チャートの支配星である木星が強力で10室にあること
[b] 第2室の支配星火星がおとめ宮・7室にあること
[c] 野党を示す水星に現状を変えるほどの力がないこと。不運を表すハウスにあること。大衆からの支持を充分に得ていないこと
[d] 木星と水星のタームにおいて弱いミューチュアル・レセプション
[e] 対抗勢力を表すもうひとつの惑星、火星が木星に対してスクウェアを形成していること
[f] 本チャートの最凶星である火星が第2室の支配星であることから、財政の悪化、貿易・外交を原因とする収支悪化を表すこと。ただし、前述のとおり凶意はやや減少します



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